My Vision

Why Adam Aasen for Carmel City Council?

Promoting Small Business


A vibrant city needs a fresh and visionary outlook in order to remain energetic and a magnet for new jobs and corporate headquarters — things that will help keep our taxes low.

Whenever Carmel lands another corporate headquarters, it’s a huge win. The influx of workers helps boost local businesses and the tax dollars help keep residential property tax rates low.

While it’s important to attract large businesses to Carmel, my heart wil always been with small business owners. I consider them to be the backbone of the community and they give our nationally-recognized commercial corridors their character.

Not only do small businesses help attract new residents, but small businesses see more of their taxdollars go back back into community.

That’s why I’ll always emphasize ways we can promote and protect our small businesses.

I will work to create an environment where not only will our current businesses succeed but we’ll attract new exciting businesses that will make Carmel the envy of Central Indiana.

Enhancing Quality of Life


I decided to move back home to Indiana because it offered the most amenities for the cost of living.

Carmel has proven that it’s possible to build one of the best places to live in America while also keeping property tax rates among the lowest in the state.

There are so many reasons to enjoy living in Carmel, such our more than 500 acres of park land, our top-ranked public school system, our wonderful pathways and trails, our low crime rate and our vibrant arts scene.

As our daughter grows up, we look forward to taking her on bike rides on the Monon Trail, perhaps stopping by the Carmel Farmers Market for a bite to eat and then easily traveling to the Carmel Clay Public Library to pick out some books. It’s the kind of city where you never plan to leave.

It really is amazing to see how Carmel has grown over the past two decades.

Growing up, my father and I would often take bike rides along the Monon Trail and we saw all of the development that was under construction. It inspired us to open our restaurant in Carmel.

It’s something we wanted to be a part of and I’d like to be part of maintaining that quality of life.

Maintaining Public Safety


My first job out of college was as a public safety reporter for the major daily newspaper in Jacksonville, Florida. On a daily basis, I was following the police and fire departments. I’ve covered drug investigations, arson cases, murder trials, officer-involved-shootings, human trafficking cases, crime prevention programs, officer-review processes and more. It helped me gain a huge appreciation for how important both these departments are in any city and I believe we are blessed in Carmel with true professionals dedicated to keeping the community safe.

It can’t be overstated: the number one priority for government at any level is to keep its citizens safe.

Fortunately, our municipal government in Carmel does a great job.

We have great leadership in our police and fire departments but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to be mindful of the future. As our population grows, we have to keep an eye on the best ways to respond to our community’s needs. I’ll always support funding that police and fire needs to take ahead of the curve.

I’m also a big supporter of preventative programs such as the Carmel Youth Assistance Program which help target and mentor at-risk youth. By helping our youth now, we can prevent future problems down the road.

Furthermore, there are countywide issues such as the growing opioid epidemic where I believe Carmel can be a true leader.

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