Why Adam Aasen for Carmel City Counsel?

Promoting Small Business

All businesses are important in Carmel, but small businesses are the backbone that give our city its character. Not only do they help attract new residents, but small businesses see more of their taxdollars go back back into community.

They’re great for our economy and I always want to fight for the little guy.

I will work to create an environment where not only will our current businesses succeed but we’ll attract new exciting small businesses that will make Carmel the envy of Central Indiana.

Enhancing Quality of Life

I decided to move back home to Indiana because it offered the most amenities for the cost of living. Some people feel like you can’t do both. They think you can’t offer world-class amenities without ending up with higher taxes and probitively expensive homes. I don’t think it’s an either/or situation. We can have low taxes AND great amenities.

It’s amazing to see how Carmel has grown over the past two decades. My father and I would take bike rides north along the Monon and we saw all of the development that was under construction and it inspired us to open our small restaurant in Carmel. It’s something we wanted to be a part of and I’d like to be part of maintaining that quality of life.

Maintaining Public Safety

The number one priority for government at any level is to keep its citizens safe. Fortunately, our municipal government does a great job. We have great leadership in our police and fire departments but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to be mindful of the future. As our population grows, we have to keep an eye on issues such as traffic and theft. Furthermore, there are countywide issues such as the growing opioid epidemic where I believe Carmel can be a true leader.


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